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CodeMeter license server

CodeMeter license server

To make SkyPrep works with 3d CAD formats différents from CatiaV5, you will need a CoreTech license.

This is a floating license (hosted by a server and remotely accessible on multiple machines) hosted by a software called CodeMeter (download here).

CodeMeter has to be installed on every machine running SkyPrep and on the original license server machine.

Create license request

In order to create the CoreTech License, a license server machine has to be chosen.

To generate the license,

  • Download file (link) on your license server computer
  • Execute CodeMeter:
  • Click on “File” then “Import license”:
  • Select previously downloaded file (first step)
  • Click on “Next”
  • Select “Create license request” and click next
  • Select an output path and click on “Submit”
  •  Click to exit window

After this step, send to the support team the CodeMeter computer ID file (xxxx-xxxx.WibuCmRaC) and we will send back the CoreTech license file to install.

Install license on CodeMeter

When the CoreTech license file has been created, open CodeMeter on your license server used to generate computer ID (previous step).

  • Select the CoreTechnologie (1) item and click on “Activate license” (2)
  • Click on “Next”
  • Select “Import license update” and click next
  • Select the license file and click on submit

Your CoreTechnologie license should now be installed.

Install CodeMeter on client machine

To make CodeMeter run on your network, you will needs to open ports 9217 for floating license and 22350 for license administration.

After your network is well configured, install CodeMeter on your machine and:

  • Run Codemeter

  • Click on “Administration Web”

  • Click on “Server Search List” in Configuration/Basic

  • Click on “add new Server”

  • Enter the server’s IP address then click add
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