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Rlm license server

RLM license server

To make SkyReal or SkyPrep works, you will need a license.

This license can be floating (hosted by a server and remotely accessible on multiple machines) or node locked (hosted by the client machine and only accessible on it).

Get computer ID

To generate this license, SkyReal will need your computer ID. To get it, download RLM.zip, unzip it, and execute GetComputerId.Bat

This will open a command windows with an ID written on it. Please send us this ID (or a capture of the window) to allow us to generate the license.


Install license – Node locked

To install the NodeLocked license we will send you, copy it twice:

  • Into the same directory as “SkyPrep.exe”
  • Into the “SkyReal/SkyReal/Content” directory

Install license – Floating

To install the Floating licenses, download  RLM.zip and unzip it where you want’s to install RLM.

Paste your license inside the rlm.exe directory and run “rlm.exe”. A command window will be displayed with basic license information.

To see the administration panel, go to


Access to floating licenses on a different network

To access to the RLM server on a different network, you will need to open TCP port 5053 (mandatory) and another TCP one of your choice (for example 55854).

Once you did that, open the license file with a text editor (notepad for example).

You should see something like that:

HOST localhost disksn=123456798
ISV skydea
LICENSE skydea skyreal_full 1.0 22-mar-2020 10 disable=VM


On the ISV line add “port=55854” and save it.

You should now have:

HOST localhost disksn=123456798
ISV skydea port=55854
LICENSE skydea skyreal_full 1.0 22-mar-2020 10 disable=VM


Re-Start the RLM server, and everything should works fine.

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