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SkyPrep 1.4 release note:

  • Migration to Unreal 4.20 (Release note)
  • Branch new user experience (Task management, multi import merge, multi output …)
  • Many CAD supported (Jt, Step, CatiaV5 …)
  • Many Outputs (SkyReal, Unreal Engine, Fbx, Unity)


Known issues:

  • Random stability issues
    • Crash for simulation having parts > 200mb
    • Process several times parts if the part is referenced more than once in the simulation
    • Crash for big simulation > 500 mb
    • Degenerate issue for simulation having colinear triangle
  • Take a long time to build simulation with a lot of parts
  • Random bug on physic if simple is not selected
  • Log can be very big
  • Doesn’t support Catia simulation containing 3d formats different from CatPart/CGR
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