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SkyPrep 1.6 release note:

  • Optimisation of SkyPrep (lower preparation time)
  • Stabilisation (increase preparation success for Native Catia and CoreTech importer)
  • CatProcess  file support (only for 3d data extraction)
  • Animation import from RHEA simulation
  • Update CoreTech importer to SP3

Bug fix:

  • No more crash if a catia simulation contains 3d format different from CatPart/CGR
  • No more degenerate bug
  • No more crash for big simulation (see Known issues under)
  • No more crash for big parts (> 200mb)
  • Process parts only one time
  • SkyPrep Library optimisation

Known issues:

  • Export prep to SkyReal can crash for big simulation if the computer doesn’t have enough RAM (< 32go)
  • Big parts (> 200mb) can lead to collaboration issues, check prep warning to see if you’re concerned
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