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SkyReal 1.6 release note:

  • Rescale objects command allowing you to rescale anything in the simulation.
  • Delete objects command (and go to trash world, to revert deletion).
  • Add animation control in SkyReal (play, pause, restart…).
  • Add custom params to commands during advanced menu customisation. Each commands can now be customized!
  • 2D menu customisation
  • New feature system to hide the feature by default if an object is snapped on it
  • New snapping system allowing you to snap an object with its center of mass or its pivot point
  • Arrow annotation to create arrow annotations in SkyReal
  • 3D symbol annotation to add predefined 3d objects inside the simulation
  • Pipe design feature
  • Demo licence now supported by SkyReal
  • New Powerwall system powerd by NDisplay (doc)
  • Light saber of other users can new be displayed
  • RLM update to V12.4
  • Compass with projection displacement method

Bug fix:

  • The context menu on the file picker now works
  • The parts can now be selected in the product tree
  • Solve a rotation issue if the hierarchy of the product contains a specific rotation
  • Crash when clean annotation on a client and grabbed on another
  • Remove the alias on the top the local player head
  • Navigate to view in VR now looks at the good direction
  • Remove delta on compass projection
  • Reset part position now works on 3d annotation

Known issues:

  • Rescale measure do nothing
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