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SkyReal 1.7 release note:

  • 2D UI full rework
  • Manikin for yourself
  • Manikin for other users
  • Session config at startup for each users
  • Pipe rework
  • Pipe edition
  • Physic (alpha version) with gravity, grab and freeze
  • Unreal 4.21 support
  • N-Display support for powerwall (beta)
  • Windows mixed reality support via Steam VR
  • Feature apparence rework
  • Material rework
  • Simple UI for powerwall
  • Add arguments to SkyReal executable
  • PIP upgrade to see other user point of views

Bug fix:

  • Solve issues when selected with 2d rectangle
  • Solve Ctrl+A, shift and Ctrl for selection 2D
  • Navigation disabled when user is in skyreal options

Known issues:

  • Rescale measure do nothing
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