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SkyReal 1.9 release note:

  • Metadata display :
    • Show relevant information on part selection.
  • State Menu (on the right side in Desktop mode) :
    • Configure world settings edition (light, rendering …).
    • Tree view.
    • Context menu : edit properties of selected objects (right click in tree view).
    • Full body manikin tracker configuration.
  • Helper :
    • Tutorial about the VR controls.
    • Pie menu indications.
    • Prevent Menu opening in bad position.
  • Pie Menu UX Redesign
  • Executive non instantaneous commands
  • Save/Load :
    • The scene and its modifications are saved as a particular state that can be loaded in future sessions.
    • Several different states from the same map can be saved .
  • Physicalised Design
  • VR Tickets :
    • Only available if connected to XRCenter.
    • Creation and Edition.
    • Replicated from XRCenter to SkyReal and vice versa.

Bug fix:

  • Executive non instantaneous commands

Known issues:

  • Physicalised design is not working with pipes
  • Pipe creation slows down the computer
  • Loading command is not working with the original state (only with saved states)
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