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Getting Started

Skity allows you to export your personal CAD files into Unity and use them for all your needs. It can be very useful for industrial use such as using VR to valid accessibility of your CAD models

First of all you need to understand the pipeline of our application.

You’ll first have to use Skyprep which allows your CAD files to be exported in differents outputs format :

  • SkyReal,
  • Unity,
  • Unreal Engine.

Here you want to make sure that Unity is enabled in output format

You need to provide the unity executable file path in SkyPrep settings (  Settings) , click on “Display configuration assistant” then “5. Outputs Configuration”

Once you are done importing your CAD whithin  SkyPrep, you should have a folder created at the desired location with a Unity subfolder. If not, something went wrong. In this folder you will found a screenshot of the created scene, and two subfolder : Editor and Cooked. Editor is used to import data within the Unity Editor whereas Cooked will be usefull to open a scene with Skity.

To ensure that your unity data are good to go, you can use our built in application named Skitty.

Launch Skitty, use the file picker to choose  “<your_simulation>/Unity/Cooked/ <your_simulation>.skt

Your scene is done loading, you can enjoy it.

Feel free to look at the source code to see how it works.

If you want to know more about Skity and how to import data within Unity Editor please read the documentation linked below

Import data within Unity Editor

More details about Skity



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