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General overview

Skity allows you to export your personal CAD files into Unity and use them for all your needs. It can be very useful for industrial use such as using VR to valid accessibility of your CAD models

First of all you need to understand the pipeline of our application.

You’ll first have to use Skyprep which allows your CAD files to be exported in differents outputs format :

  • SkyReal,
  • Unity,
  • Unreal Engine.

Then you can use Skity to read the data exported by Skyprep. Make sure you selected Unity

We use AssetBundles to save / read the data.


Pick your scene from the file browser, “<your_simulation>/Unity/Cooked/ <your_simulation>. It will load the scene from the scene bundle.


Click on a part to select it, the selected part will be highlighted. Information concerning the selected part are displayed on the left panel such has : name, id, parent’s id …


On the left panel you can see various button that activate command.

If a VR device is plugged to the computer, you can use the Go in VR to switch to VR mode.

Change color will change the color of the selected object using a color picker, you need to have on object selected to use the command.

Take Shot will take a screenshot and save it to the last loaded bundle path with the format : < your_simulation >.skt_mm-dd-yyyy_h-mm-ss_A/PM.png

Swap World will take you to the hidden world, in the hidden world everything is greyer so the color are a bit off, reuse Swap World to go back in the real world

Hide part allow you to put a part in the hidden world or in the real world depending on the world you currently at

Those simple commands are an example feel free to make your own commands.


Normal mode :

Once your scene is loaded you are able to navigate within your scene using your mouse. Here are the input of the navigation :

  • Mouse Scroll Simple Click: move focus point to the aim point
  • Mouse Scroll Hold: move focus according to the mouse position
  • Mouse Scroll Hold & Right Click hold : Rotate in orbit around the focus point following movement made on the virtual circle
  • Mouse Scroll Hold & Right Click hold from outside the virtual circle : rotate camera
  • Mouse Scroll Hold & Right Simple Click: Enter zoom mode

VR mode:

You can obviously look around and walk as if you were in your the scene. You can fly to the direction you are currently pointing at by using the thumbs joysticks. If you turn you hand to the left or the right you will be able to rotate on yourself using the same joystick.

Laser will help you pointing at things.

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