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General settings

  1. Minimize application on exit (A tray icon will appears on the bottom left of windows)
  2. If the application crash while a task is running, diplay a message next time the application starts
  3. Select the import/export software options

Catia settings

  1. The path to the CATStart.exe
  2. The path to the CATEnv file
  3. The SAG of the CATIA conversion
  4. Check if the preparation should run a custom script instead of using default CATStart/CATEnv

  1. The path to the bat script (Script example below)

@echo off



call “%CATIAV5B25_INSTALL_DIR%\win_b64\code\bin\CATSTART.exe” -run %CATIAV5_EXPORTER_ARG% -env CATIA_P3.V5-6R2015.B25 –direnv “%CATIAV5_ENV_DIR%”


Unreal settings

  1. The path to the UE4Editor-Cmd.exe executable
  2. This value is the Unreal version detected by the SkyPrep
  3. Force the flatten hierarchy
  4. The option which allows you to support SkyReal in OpenGL mode (for NDisplay configuration)
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