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This page displays the exports formats and the options available:


  • SkyReal:
    Version for SkyReal
  • Unreal:
    Version for Unreal Editor or other Unreal Engine based software
  • Skitty:
    Version for Unity
  • SkyPrep:
    Intermediate format for SkyPrep
  • Analysis:
    Data and statistics for CAD and Umap analysis


  • Generate Editor (SkyReal, Unreal, Skitty):
    Generate an Editor version which can be modified / improved in the appropriate Editor (Unreal Editor or Unity.)
  • Generate Cook (SkyReal, Unreal, Skitty):
    Generate a packaged version which can be launched in the appropriate software (SkyReal or Skitty).
  • Export for OpenGL (SkyReal, Unreal):
    Generate a version compatible with OpenGL based hardware.
  • Flatten Hierarchy (SkyReal, Unreal):
    Generate a version where the hierarchy between elements is ignored.
  • Obfuscate Data (Analysis):
    Hide data names in the report.
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