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The license of SkyPrepService can be set up by two ways:

  • Upload a local file:
    User can upload a license file to the server. This file will be checked before starting a prepraration process. Already uploaded file can be deleted by clicking on the delete icon.
  • Use a license server:
    User can set a server IP address and server port which will be used to get a license.


  • CATEnv filename:
    The path to the CATEnv directory
  • CATStart filename:
    The path to the CATStart.exe
  • Default SAG:
    The default SAG used when a file is imported with the Catia importer
  • Force the use of coretech:
    Force the use of coretech, even if the Catia license is valid


Preset: Optimized

  • Has max actors
  • Max actors
  • Max hierarchy merge
  • Allow flattern hierarchy
  • Has max vertice
  • Max vertice
  • Allow defeaturing
  • Max defeaturing diameter
  • Max defeaturing depth
  • Allow mesh simplification
  • Level of details
  • UV Mapping
  • Physic envellop


  • Unreal editor cmd filename:
    The path to the Unreal Editor .exe
  • Unity editor cmd filename:
    The path to the Unity .exe
  • Flatter hierarchy:
    Ignore the hierarchy between elements in CAD files
  • Export for OpenGL:
    Generate versions compatible with OpenGL based hardware


  • Working directory:
    The directory used during the preparation process
  • Output directory:
    The directory in which the result of the preparation will be put
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