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  4. Task
  5. Creation


Step 1

  1. Current step of the preparation
  2. Name of the simulation
  3. Output directory
  4. Browse output directory button
  5. List of CAD files to import
  6. Display logs
  7. Next step (Option 2)
  8. Next step (Option 1)

Step 2

Option 1

  1. Check to process 3D data
  2. Node section (Appearance, Rendering and Physics)
  3. Set the name of the root node
  4. Set the default visibility of the node and it’s children
  5. Set simplification level
  6. Set number of LOD
  7. Remove small geometries
  8. Set the movability of a part (static means can’t be moved)
  9. Set the quality of collision definition (this option can be very long)
  10. Previous / Next step
Option 2

  1. CAD product structure (Click on an element to edit it’s properties for itself and it’s children)
  2. Set the properties of the selected node
  3. Preview 3D of the selected element (not implemented yet)
  4. Previous / Next step

Step 3

  1. SkyReal output (generate editor or cook SkyReal simulation)
  2. SkyPrep output (intermediary format used for 2 steps preparation)
  3. Unreal Engine output (generate editor or cook)
  4. Unity output (generate Unity assets)

Step 3 bis

For SkyReal and Unreal Engine output you can choose editor or cook output

Step 4

  1. Open input CAD directory
  2. Open output directory
  3. Is success
  4. Task progression
  5. Logs of the task
  6. Delete the task (warning: this will not remove the output data)
  7. Create a new task based on the current one
  8. Run the task again
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