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Getting started with Unreal Engine 4

Preparation pipeline

Editor directory content

Unreal editor

The Unreal Engine editor is a Game Editor developed by Epic Games.

The documentation can be found here :

The roadmap can be found here : ​

Every SkyReal simulation is fully compatible with every Unreal engine features.

Why Unreal engine ?​

  • Open source game engine (hosted in git hub)​
  • Recent game engine supporting new VR features​
  • Powerful consumer software with active community ​
  • Easy to develop thanks to blueprint language (python soon supported)​
  • Proven software (used for a lot of AAA games and industrial software)​
  • Build for computer and very powerful machines

Unreal Editor

Unreal editor UI

Object/behavior library:

  • Lights,
  • Cube,
  • Sphere,
  • Cylinder,
  • Plane,

Simulation view:

  • Edit object transform,
  • Preview simulation,
  • Save Scene.

Scene hierarchy:

  • Display scene graph
  • Change objects hierarchy
  • Select object

Object settings:

  • Change selected object settings
  • Chanfe World settings

Asset browser:

  • Mesh,
  • Materials,
  • Maps,
  • Blueprint,

Simulation View

Simulation customization

Every SkyReal simulation can be edited with Unreal Engine 4 (UE)​​


To edit a simulation:​

  • Prepare simulation from CAD (or FBX) to Unreal Engine​
  • Open the Editor directory​
  • Open the <simulation>.uproject file with Unreal Engine Editor

Show/Hide folder view

Simulation directory

Umap simulation file

When an asset has a star “*”, it means that it hasn’t been saved. ​To do so, you can either:​

  • Select it, and press “Ctrl” + “S”​
  • Save every assets of the simulation by pressing “Ctrl” + “Shift” + “S”​


SkyReal part properties edition

1) select part from the scene hierarchy or the 3d preview

2) Edit information in the “Skr” group

Adding new SkyReal part
  • To add a new part in the simulation, you will need an FBX file of your 3D model on your computer (or other Unreal compatible formats)​
  • Import the FBX to your simulation by “drag and drop” it into the “Content Browser”. A new window will be displayed

  • Check the “Auto generate Collision” (1)
  • Click on “Import All” (2) and wait during import
  • Check that your object now appears in the “Content Browser” as Mesh
  • Create a SkyReal part. If it was already created (the file BP_SkrView is already created), skip this step
    • To do so, right click in the “Content Browser”, select “BluePrint Class”

    • In the newly opened windows select “SkrPart” in the “all class” section
    • Name it (example: BP_SkrPart)

  • Drag the newly created Blueprint asset into the 3d Preview (1)
  • Name it and place it into your simulation tree (2)
  • Change its mobility to movable (3)
  • Fill its properties (4)


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