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Edit properties

When a part is selected in the editor, its possible to edit its inner properties by searching “Skr” category in the detail panel.

UE4 – Skr detail panel

In this panel, there are différents categories:

  1. Commands (at the top): It’s used to automatically set properties.
  2. Informations: It’s used to edit basic data coming from the preparation.
  3. Materials: It’s used to define basic informations about SkyReal materials to used in session.
  4. ReadOnly: It’s used for debug purposes
  5. Metadata : It’s used to register the metadata linked to the selected part
  6. Hierarchy: It’s used to define the link between the selected part and its parents/childs.
  7. Selection: It’s used to define the selection informations like the selected part group or whether the part is selectable or not.
  8. Physics: It’s used to define the SkyReal physical properties of the part.
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