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Caution: Work In Progress


The animation commands enable interactions with an “animation” imported from Catia during the preparation phase.

2D VR Start Animation Open a combo box that shows all animation available. After selecting one, it runs the animation from last set time.
2D VR Start All Run all animations from last set time.
2D VR α Pause Stop all running animations and save current time. To run the animation again from this point, press start/start all.
2D VR Fast Forward Set speed play (only positive value, corresponds to a froward play).
2D VR Fast Backward Set speed play (only negative value, corresponds to a rewind action).
2D VR α Animation Speed Set animation speed. Positive value corresponds to a play, negative value to a rewind.
2D VR Stop Stop all played animations and set animation time to 0 (command that corresponds to the pause and reset command).
2D VR Reset Animation Reset animation time to 0, but don’t change animation state or speed, i.e. if the animation is currently played, it will continue to be played from the start.
2D VR α Set Animation Time Set animation time. The animation will continue from this point.


The annotations commands let you create informative objects in SkyReal.

VR 3D Annotations Write in VR.
VR Measure Take a measure between two parts in VR.
VR Spawn 3D Arrow Create 3D arrows in VR.
VR Spawn 3D Symbol Create 3D Symbols in VR.


The appearance commands allow you to modify objects color, opacity, visibility …

2D VR Change Color Change the color of a part.
2D VR Highlight Make a part blink.
2D VR Transparent Toggle transparancy of the part.
2D VR Hide Toggle visibility of the part.
2D VR Delete Put the part to Trash.
2D VR Swap worlds (Visible/Hidden) Toggle between visible and hidden worlds.
2D VR Swap worlds (Visible/Trash) Toggle between visible and trash worlds.
2D VR Reset Appearance Reset appearance of selected parts.
2D VR Toggle Labels Toggle Labels on parts.


The camera section contains commands relative to camera settings and scene views

2D VR Screenshot Open the screenshot tool.
2D VR Creat View Create a reference view at your place.
2D VR Navigate to View Navigate to the selected scene view.
2D Add PIP Create a frozen Picture-in-Picture view in the 2D window.
2D 2D Field of View Set the 2D field of view.
VR α VR Near Plane Set the near plane distance (in meter).
VR α VR Far Plane Set the far plane distance (in meter).
VR α VR Interpupillary Distance Set the VR interpupillary distance (in meter).






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