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The animations commands enables to interact with an “animation” imported from catia during the preparation phase.



It open a combo box that show all animation available. After selecting one, it run the animation from last set time.

Start all

It run all animation from last set time.



It stops all animation that are running and save current time. To rerun the animation from this point, press start/start all.


Fast forward

Set speed play (only positive value, correspond to a froward play).


Fast backward

Set speed play (only negative value, correspond to a rewind action).


Animation speed

Set speed play. Positive value correspond to a play, negative value to a rewind.



Stop all played animation and set animation time to 0 (command that correspond to the pause and reset command), but don’t change the animation speed.



Reset animation time to 0, but don’t change animation state or speed, i.e. if the animation is currently played, it will continue to be played from the start.


Set Animation Time

Set animation time. The animation will continue from this point.




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