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The animation will enable to modify the object in the simulation. The animation is defined in advance and will have every time the same operation. It can be used as a replay to validate or demonstrate actions. There is several ways to make animation for example by importing it from the CAD, Unreal Engine or making it in Skyreal. Animation are available in collaborative mode.

User have the ability to create new animation during a session. When the command record is used, it will record every object movement (using the grab command) and world change that the user will made until it stop.

The user can select either a specific animation or play every animation at the same time. He can choose the speed of animation, play it backwards and start at a specific time.

Limitations :

  • Today we support only records made in Skyreal and Rhea (through the preparation)
  • Object that are created at run-time can be replayed if there are in the simulation. User need to save the simulation if they want to replay the animation on a new session


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