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Spawn 3D Arrow

This command allows you to create 3D arrows in SkyReal.

When you have selected this command, your hands will appear as pens instead of controllers. You will then be able to draw arrows with both hands (one at a time, you cannot create two arrows simultaneously) by pressing and holding the button under your index and releasing it where you want it to stop.

The arrows you will have created are movable, you can thus reorient them once created.

You have the possibility to modify a certain number of parameters :

  • Thickness : its default value is set to 0.005 meter, its value must be between 0.001 and 0.1 meter
  • Is Using Collab Color : if checked, the color of the arrow will be set to the same as the color of the user drawing it
  • Arrow Color : if you have unchecked the previous option, you can chose the color of the arrow to be the one you want using the color picker
  • Is Dotted Line : if checked, you will draw the arrow as a dotted line rather than a continuous line
  • Direction Pointed By Arrow : by default, it is set to be pointing towards the point where you began to draw the arrow. It can be modified to point towards the point where you stopped drawing, it can point towards both points or none of them.

Editing the menu to modify the different parameters

Drawing a black arrow pointing towards the start point

Different types of arrows that can be drawn
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