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Custom HUD

Customizing the HUD Menu

You have the possibility to customize the HUD menu in SkyReal in order to be able to see the information you want in your simulation.

  1. Below is a description of the available widgets in the HUD menu (1) :
    • Navigation : this widget displays the type of navigation you are currently using.
    • Command : this widget displays the current active command.
    • Notification : this widget displays information about SkyReal in general (for example, it notifies you when someone joins the simulation).
    • Helper : this widget displays helping information about the command you are using if it is the first time you are using it for example, it can also display information about the sequence of actions you are realizing.
    • Selection : this widget displays the names of the objects you have selected.
    • User : this widget displays the list of the current connected users in your simulation.
    • Nothing : use this widget in order to display nothing at this position in the HUD.
  2. Below is a description of the “Selected slot” panel :
    1. The color of the text displayed by the widget used in the selected slot.
    2. The maximum character length of a text line displayed by the widget used in the selected slot.
    3. The side of the text that will be cut if the text to be displayed is too long.
  3. Below is a description of the HUD menu itself :
    1. A slot containing a widget.
    2. Selected Slot.
    3. Empty slot.

In order to set a widget on a slot, drag and drop the widget from the “Available widgets” panel (1) to the slot you want to use. If you want to remove a widget from a slot, either drag and drop the “Nothing” widget or drag and drop a white slot onto the chosen slot. You also have the possibility to reposition a widget by directly dragging it from a slot to another.

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