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SkyReal provides a Manikin for you to see yourself or the others as humans

They are a few commands that are related with the Manikin. Keep in mind that this feature is still in beta, so you may encounter odd behaviours sometimes.

Each command that will be described can be found in the manikin section

See MySelf as Human

When launching the command “Incarn Manikin”, you will see yourself as human, you will be able to move and your body should move according to your current position.

The Manikin is moving according to your input, so if you move using the controller, the Manikin will follow you. But if you move in real space, the manikin position will remain the same while trying to emulate your body position. If you move too far from your original position, the Manikin will teleport to your current position. If you rotate for more than 90° degrees, the manikin will rotate accordingly.

The command can be lauched again to exit the human visualisation


Reset Manikin

As written earlier the manikin is still in beta. Sometime its have jittering results. Or the manikin can have an unwanted position.

To avoid that, you can use the Reset Manikin Position and Orientation. Once it is launched, it will simply reset the Manikin Position and Orientation to provide a more stable result.

Attach Bone To Tracker

When incarning a Human, we use the head and hands tracker to compute the manikin position. Its working but it isnt perfect. If you want a more accurate result, you can attach a bone to a Tracker.

First of all, the command take a bone as a parameter, you can choose which bone you want to attach in the custom parameter within the customization pannel.
Make sure the tracker is powered and his position is currently tracked before loading your simulation.

Once Lauched, you can choose which Tracker you want to Attach, by simply clicking on the tracker list.

See Others as Humans

Not only you can see yourslef as human, but you can also see others as Human. Todo so just launch the See Other as Human command.

To go back to the old avatar, the command has to be lauched again.


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