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Compass Manipulation

The compass manipulation command enable to move and rotate the selected object(s) using a compass. There is two manipulation mode for the compass :

  • Positional: In this mode only the translation made by the device will be taken in account. It is more precise than projectional.
  • Projectional : In this mode you manipulate using the laser. It may be less precise, but it is easier to move over a long distance.

By default the translation manipulation mode of the compass is positional. It can be changed to projectional by selecting the compass manimpulation slice, open the params “Translation Manipulation Mode” and choose “projectional” in the combo box.

This manipulation command only moves and rotates object that have been selected before using this command. When calling the command, a compass is created at the centre of the object.

In case multiple elements are selected, the compass will be at the centre of all selected objects.

The object(s), through the compass, can be moved depending which compass element is target when the action button is pressed

  • Axis (x, y or z)

Axis manipulation enable to move an object only on one axis, the other two axis are fixed.

  • Plane ( xy, xz or yz)

Plane manipulation enables to move an object by two axis, the last axis is fixed

  • Rotation (roll, pitch or yaw)

Rotation manipulation enables to rotate an object by one axis.

It is possible to move the compass pivot point. In order to do it you can either hold the grey control point and dragging it (like moving an object using the laser), or click the grey control point and then select an axis or a plane to move the compass or quarter of arc to rotate it. To end the modification, click on the grey control point again.

Resetting the compass to the default position can be achieved by cancelling and rerunning the compass manipulation command

The translation/rotation modification value indicates how much it has been translated / rotated since the action button was pressed.

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