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Physics lets the user add more realistic interactions in sky real by adding for instance gravity and collision between simulation object. The physic state of the simulation and/or object can be changed during run-time.

During simulation the user can change between three physic state:

  • No physic : each object has the same behavior, they will not interact with other object;
  • Physic activate : the object that are physicalized (see next section) will interact with other physic object. Object that have gravity enable will not be affected by gravity. Non physic object will not interact with physicalized objects
  • Physic and gravity activate : in additional to the last point, object that have gravity activated will begin to fall.

Each object can have three different state : not physicalized, physicalized movable and physicalized fixed. This properties are only active in physic state.

  • Non physicalized object is an object that will not interact with the other object, but can always be moved using grab command;
  • Physicalized fixed / freeze object will interact with physicalized object, but will not move;
  • Physicalized movable object will be moved when collided and can be moved manually. For this last state, the user can enable or not the gravity. An object with gravity is enable will fall until it reach another physicalized object. It fall speed depend of it mass.

The physics are only active on the server, the client can’t change the physic state of the object. The simulation are launched on the server, the position will be replicated on the client. It can leads to some incoherence during collaborative session, caused by the data that are exchanged by the server.

If the user group different object who has different physic characteristics, the group will choose one arbitrary object and apply to the whole group it physic characteristic.

You will find more information for physics in the Unreal engine physics part in particular the essentials section.


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