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After a session of collaboration, users can save their work to show or share it with others. Saves can be loaded at any time in the simulation to return to a previous state.

To load a previous saved simulation, the user needs to load the map where the save was made. Afterward he can choose the version he wants to load. At any time during a simulation it is possible to load a saved simulation, but it will erase all modification the user has done. It is a good way to restart, without loading the map. The file “Origin” will load the simulation as it was in the CAD.

Restriction :

  • Symbol are not saved or loaded;
  • We can not use the created file to make a new preparation or convert to CAD (other function);
  • Animations are stored in a separate file. If it contains object that are not initially present in the map you need, the user need to save it and load before running the animation. Otherwise the objects animation will be skipped.


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