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Tickets in SkyReal are used to track issues or make notes in a simulation map and so optimize the project review process.
Each ticket created or edited in SkyReal will be replicated in XRCenter and vice versa, even if a session is in progress.


To be able to use the tickets feature, you need to have XRCenter. The tickets feature in Skyreal will be available only if you start a session from the XRCenter interface (connection, choice of the room etc).


There are two pages related to the tickets in XRCenter: one for the user and one for the room.

User page:

This page displays all the tickets related to the connected user. There are three lists:

  • Assigned Reports: the reports the user has been assigned to.
  • Watched Reports: the reports the user chose to watch.
  • Created Reports: the reports the user created.

The reports displayed in this page can belong to different rooms and it is possible to get to the room page by clicking on the button “Go to Room”.
The reports cannot be modified in this page.

Room page:

This page displays all the tickets created in the simulation map as a list.
In this page, a user can see every ticket and can modify it according to his/her permission. A ticket can be modified by its assignee and the room manager.

Ticket attributes:

A ticket has several attributes:

  • A summary: a little description of the ticket.
  • A type: the type is customizable and is used to distinguish tickets.
  • A status: the status is customizable. By default, there are 5 status: OPEN, IN PROGRESS, REOPENED, RESOLVED (final), CLOSED (final).
  • A creator: the user who created the ticket.
  • A description (optional): the description of the ticket.
  • An assignee (optional): the user who has been assigned to the ticket.
  • A report location (optional): the location of the pin/cursor of the ticket in VR.
  • A label location and rotation (optional): the location and rotation of the label of the ticket in VR.
  • A list of watchers (optional): the list of users who are watching the ticket.
  • A list of images (optional): a list of screenshot related ticket.

Skyreal VR

Two commands related to the tickets exist in Skyreal:

See the related documentation pages for more details.

SkyReal Desktop

Work in progress


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