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State Menu

The state menu is dedicated to settings and scene hierarchy. You can open it by clicking on the three points button on the right side of the screen.


Contains the settings of the whole simulation.

User settings

You can set the name and the color to display when working in collaboration.

Rendering option

SSAO: Enable/Disable Ambiant Occlusion
Improve shadows and contrast

Auto exposure: Enable/Disable auto exposure
Ajust the light intensity automatically

Anti-Aliasing: Set the anti-aliasing algorithm
TXAA is currently the most powerful algorithm managed by SkyReal
MSAA is a work in progress
FXAA is an algorithm balanced between performances and visual enhancement

Light options

Global Light and Sun light intensities let you set manually the light in the simulation.

Shadows: Enable/Disable shadows
Disabled shadows increase significantly performances.

Physics options

Enable/Disable physics and gravity for the whole scene.
Gravity can be enabled only if physics is on.


Contains information about selected parts.

You can set the Appearence and Physics settings on the selection.


The hierarchy shows the product tree and the SkyReal objects.


Set ART trackers id numbers.


Work in progress


Work in progress


Work in progress

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