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SkyReal – 2D mode

Main 2D view

The default view when a SkyReal simulation is loaded is the 2D view.

This view is composed of:

  • The Left menu bar used to run command in SkyReal
    • (1) The expand tab description button used to see the text associated to the tabs
    • (2) The VR button use to run SkyReal in VR
    • (3) The tabs buttons containing a lot of différents commands
    • (4) The SkyReal option button (see advanced customisation)
  • The Top bar used to manage windows size (5)

When the expand tab description button is selected, the tab text description is displayed as follow:

The 2D menu


When a tab is selected, its content is displayed on a panel at the left of the tab bar:

At the top panel, the title of the tab is display (1) and under it, every commands (2).


A tab can contains différent kind of commands:

  • The button command (click on it to execute an action)
  • The toggle button command (this command can be either On or Off). Clicking on it will reverse its state. If the icon is crossed, it means that the command is currently off and clicking ont it will make it on.
  • The numeric command (ability to change numeric values between a min and a max). To run it, click on the small arrow on the left of the icon. Given the command, it’s possible to enter a custom value or to choose between a set of values.
  • The choice command (ability to choose on item in a collection). To run it, click on the small arrow on the left of the icon and select the value to execute.


The 3D view navigation

To navigate into the 3d model, the metaphore used is the same as Catia V5.

The easiest way to change the view of a model is to zoom, pan, and rotate it.

  1. Panning enables you to move the model on a plane parallel to the screen. It involves dragging the mouse while clicking and keeping the middle (#2) mouse button pressed.
  2. Rotating enables you to turn the model around a point. It involves dragging the mouse while clicking and keeping the middle (#2) and left (#1) mouse buttons pressed.
  3. Zooming enables you to move closer to the model or away from it along a plane perpendicular to the screen. It involves clicking and keeping the middle (#2) mouse button pressed while clicking the left (#1) mouse button once, and then dragging the mouse up (to move closer) and down (to move away).”
  4. To centralize an object on the screen simply click the middle (#2) mouse button on the geometry that you wish have at the center of the screen. The orientation and the scale of the view will remain unchanged.
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