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Start with parameters

Starting 1.7, Sky Real support command line arguments, enabling  easier configuration of the base parameter. The following parameter are supported :

  • to configure the license options
    • -Local=”xxxx” : True if the license if on the computer where SkyReal is run, False if  there is a license server
    • -IpServer=””: the ip adress of the license server
    • -PortServer=”xxxx”: the port of the license server
    • -Type=”xxxx” : the type of licence (Full or Trial)
  • to configure the collaborative options :
    • -IsCollab=”xxxx”: Determine if the session will be collaborative (true) or not (false)
    • -IsServer=”xxxx”: Set this session as the server for the collaborative session
    • -Alias=”xxxx”: Set the alias of the user for the collaborative session
    • -CollabServerAdress=”xxx” : the server adress
  • to load immediately a map :
    • -Simulation=”xxx” : Path to load the map

In case some option are absent, the default option will be used.

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