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Start with simulation file

Main view

At the start of SkyReal, a window dedicated to the selection of the simulation is displayed.

In this interface, the user can select the SkyReal simulation (.umap/.pak) to run and change options like:

  • Licences options
  • Collaborative options
  • Session options

The three main sections are:

  1. The option panel
  2. The File picker 
  3. The VR status 

Options panel

Configure collaborative

In the options panel of the start screen, click on “Collaborative options”.

The following menu will be displayed:

Check “Enable collaboration” to start a collaborative session between several SkyReal (this requires one licence per user).

One of the user has to be the server in order to host the simulation. If he quit SkyReal, every users will be ejected.

If “IsServer” is checked:

  • The server address displayed is the IP of the current machine
  • The alias is the name of the user working on the server machine

If “IsServer” is unchecked:

  • The server address has to be filled by the IP of the server machine
  • The alias is the name of the user working on the client machine

To make the collaborative mode works, please run the server before the clients on the same simulation.

Configure licence

In the options panel of the start screen, click on “Licensing options”.

Given the licence type of the installation, check:

  • Local if the licence is in the directory SkyReal/SkyReal/Content/
  • Server if the licence is hosted in a RLM server. If you pick this option, specify the IP and the port of the server machine.

Once IP and port are set, click on the refresh button to update the available licences. Select the licence to load among the following proposals:

  • Trial: A full licence of SkyReal with a watermark
  • Full: The full licence of SkyReal without any limitation
  • Viewer 2D: This licence is allow the user to use SkyReal without VR
  • Custom: Select one by one the modules to load.

Session options

In the options panel of the start screen, click on “Session options”.

The VR device configuration allow to choose between :

  • Automatic : choose the detected VR device
  • A specific VR device (Oculus, Vive, Mixed Reality …). It is used for the representation

The input config allow to pick the file to map the VR device input :

  • Automatic : choose the input depending on the VR device selected above
  • A specific VR mapping mode (Oculus, Vive, Mixed Reality …).
  • Advanced mode only : contact support

The session to load save user custom preset (like SSAO, Collab saber visibility, 2d/VR menu). It allow multi user to use the same post with different config preset. The user that choose it can reload the config he had when he left the application.

File picker panel

The file picker is used to load a simulation made with SkyPrep.

This simulation file extension is either .umap or .pak.

Before running SkyReal on a specific simulation, please be sure that the version of SkyReal and SkyPrep are the same.

Once the simulation is selected, click on open.

VR Status

The VR Status icon is here to inform whether a HMD has been identified or not. If this icon is red (with “None”), it means that your HMD is either disconnected or not up to date.

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