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Vive Configuration


For using HTC Vive with SkyReal you will need:

  • The Vive device
  • The Steam Software (Link)
  • The Steam VR plugin (Link)


1. Run Steam VR.

2. Click on the « Run room config element ».

3. Select « Room setup ».

4. Follow the instruction. Then, click on « Next ».

5. Connect all your devices and place it in front of the camera. Then, click on « Next ».

6. Point the controller on the screen (important step, it will define where is the front of your room). Then, click on « Next ».

7. Put your controllers on the ground. Make sure that both of your controller are seen by the camera (important step, it will define where is the ground of your room). Then, click on « Next ».

8. Read the instruction to create the VR safe zone. Then, click on « Next ».

9. Hold on the trigger, then define the work area.

10. When it’s finished, click on « next ».

11. Your configuration of the Vive is now over. You can start SkyReal in VR mode.

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