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Getting Started Tutorial

By pressing the T key, the Skyreal tutorial launches. It allows user to learn the basic controls of Skyreal: open menu, use action trigger, navigate…
Instructions will be given by a little robot which guide the user all along the tutorial.
Labels appear around the controller and indicate the role of the different buttons.


The information of the commands in the menu may not be enough for the beginners. So, in addition to the slices icons, when the user has opened the menu but stays immobile, all the slices labels (the name of the command or sub-menu) will be displayed.

To open a sub-menu slice, the user needs to move his/her hand towards the outside of the menu. To recall him/her to do so, the little arrow icons on the slice are also moving this way according to the user hand movement.


When the user tries to open the menu while his/her hand is being too close to his body, a ghost controller will appear and encourage him/her to move his hand away from his/her body.
If the user place his/her hand close to the ghost, the menu will open correctly.
This system has been implemented to enforce the user to be used to open the menu at an appropriate distance from his/her body, to be able to comfortably navigate in the menu.

To prevent the user from accidentally launching a command, is it impossible to do so during a few seconds after the menu opening.

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