ÅKP: “SkyReal anticipates errors that could be fatal for a project”

GCE Blue Maritime is one of the most recognized clusters in Norway, leading important R&D programs in the fields of naval and shipbuilding. This program, as well as “DigiCat – Norwegian Catapult” is managed by ÅKP. In order to sustain their competitiveness versus a more and more global and competing environment, ÅKP decided to invest in Industry 4.0 technologies, amongst them SkyReal Virtual Reality software solution.

ÅKP has been convinced by the innovative VR features of SkyReal, which enables them to quickly validate concepts and ideas upon a new industrial project, immersing themselves inside their virtual prototypes. Driven as Fail Fast strategy, the virtual experience can then be iterated as many times as necessary for alternative concepts or hypothesis.

“In introducing SkyReal in the conception process, our partners have been able to speed up the development of their projects. They are now able to detect and qualify their mistakes at a very early stage, and eventually find solutions to encountered problems, avoiding and anticipating a multiplied series of errors that could be fatal for a project”explained Jan Børre Rydningen, Senior Advisor at ÅKP.

“There are other vendors out there, but the reason we selected SkyReal as our solution is the fact that they combine their industrial experience with VR, and has a very well defined roadmap for their product development, based on their long industrial heritage”, Mr. Rydningen continues.

ÅKP cluster’s member OPTIMAR, which is specialized in the design, transportation, automation and robotization of sea fishing, has also integrated SkyReal into their daily operations. The main projects SkyReal is being used for is the conception of a fish factory vessel. Again and by fail fast strategy, SkyReal helps OPTIMAR detect errors at earliest stage, shortening the Development-to-Production length while making substantial financial savings.