SkyReal integrates Cesium’s 3D Geospatial Map tool to open perspectives for optimal immersion experience.

Cesium captures reality to reproduce it in a virtual world !

Based on the huge growth of the satellites and aerial images plus the 3D data collection, Cesium aggregates those data to reproduce the real world in 3D with its plugin “Cesium for Unreal”.

By combining 3D geospatial capability and the rendering power of Unreal Engine, Cesium lets you bring the Real World into Unreal. 

It therefore introduces to SkyReal users unlimited 3D environnement based on GPS coordinates. It’s now more than easy to see in scale 1:1 your CAD models in its real future environnement and to perform ultra realistic design reviews.

In the video below, we try some applications of Cesium in SkyReal ; there’s a lot of use cases for the Cesium users who would use their data in VR.