Paris Air Show 2023

Meet SkyReal at the 54th Paris Air Show
from June 19 – 23

Experience the Power of Virtual Reality for industries

Discover how our virtual reality software is transforming the way industries use their CAD files.
Endless possibilities and new perspectives for engineers with the power of immersive technologies that enhance the design process and their work.
At SkyReal, we build a solution that enables you to visualize, iterate, and collaborate on your designs in an interactive virtual environment.
Explore lifelike 3D models at scale 1:1, navigate through detailed simulations, and experience the future of industrial design.

Use Cases

Our innovative software is revolutionizing the industrial design process, offering a truly immersive experience that enhances collaboration, streamlines workflows, accelerates iteration cycles, and provides virtual training capabilities.


Step into virtual worlds and interact with your designs like never before. Manipulate objects, test functionalities, and gain a deeper understanding of your projects in a realistic virtual space. 


Accelerate Iteration Cycles: Iterate quickly and efficiently on your designs, making adjustments in real-time within the virtual environment. Reduce the need for physical prototypes and save valuable time and resources in the design process.


Take advantage of virtual reality training modules to enhance skills, simulate real-world scenarios, and improve performance. Train employees on complex procedures and equipment operation within a risk-free virtual environment.


Break down communication barriers and foster collaboration among team members and stakeholders. Visualize and present your ideas in a shared virtual environment, facilitating meaningful discussions and accelerating decision-making.


Best-in-class 3D Engine .
Optimizes performance and rendering for SkyReal users.

European leader in digital transformation.
Provides Integration and customization services.

High end XR headset.
Perfectly suits with SkyReal for high level XR experience.

Represents, coordinates and supports the French Aerospace industry.
Helps us to keep our products close to aerospace needs.

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