Frequently Asked Questions

What is SkyReal?   

SkyReal is a 4.0 solution for industries to design and industrialize complex systems faster and more efficiently. At the forefront of the market, SkyReal offers a turnkey software to allow its customers to project themselves in Virtual Reality at 1:1 scale in their 3D / CAD data and work on it. With more than 15 years of experience, SkyReal knows how to answer the complex challenges of large industries. Our software is very didactic, thus simplifying the change management, and offers the best graphic performances of the market based on the 3D Unreal Engine.  

In which industrial sectors can SkyReal be used?   

Our customers come from many different industries, all of which have one thing in common: they design and produce large and/or highly complex systems.  

Customers who currently derive value from SkyReal on a daily basis come from aerospace (Airbus, ArianeGroup, ATR, Safran), energy (Baker Hughes, GE Renewable Energy, Framatome), shipbuilding (Naval Group, AKP, TechnicAtome), automotive (Kautex, Plastic Omnium), manufacturing (ADF Group, Ascent Aerospace, Airbus Atlantic), as well as other industrial sectors such as Construction, Education, and Transportation (Rail). 

How to get SkyReal?   

Contact our sales team for a demonstration and a quote tailored to your company’s needs.   

What is a user license at SkyReal?   

We offer two types of licenses: STUDIO licenses (the full suite) that allow you to prepare your own immersive scenes, customize them and work in them and PLAYERS licenses that allow you to join a scene prepared by a STUDIO user to work. 

SkyReal’s license format is adaptable to your needs, so you can choose to have a license per Virtual Reality headset (or CAVE) or to have a license per connected user (floating license). 

How much does a SkyReal product cost?   

The cost of the SkyReal solution is adapted to your needs, so the price fluctuates according to the products, the number of users and the features you want to access.  Contact our sales team (CTA)

What is VR collaboration?   

VR collaboration is one of SkyReal’s strong points since you have the opportunity to work and interact with several people simultaneously in the same virtual world (also called the industrial metaverse) with a VR or non-VR headset and from a distance.

What is virtual reality for design and industry? 

Virtual Reality is a new digital tool that allows industries to be more efficient and to accelerate the construction of tomorrow’s world. At SkyReal we are convinced that the world is living a digital technological revolution, led by the world of video games and social networks (the famous concept of metaverse). At SkyReal, we want to make these new technologies available to the industrial world and accompany this radical change from the design of systems to the training of technicians through production and sales. 

What level of training is required to use SkyReal products?  

A few hours are sufficient to learn the basic engineering functions, and a day or two is sufficient to master the entire solution. 

Can I access previous versions of SkyReal?  

Our solution is regularly updated to improve performance and your experience.   

It is possible to access the documentation of previous versions and the versions are sent as packages.  1 package = 1 version full of new features! 

Where can I find documentation?  

You can find the documentation here (

How to launch my first SkyReal project ?  

To launch your first SkyReal project, you just need to have in your possession a CAD file that will be visualized in VR with SkyReal. 

Who should I contact if I have a problem using an SkyReal product?  

If you have a problem using a SkyReal product, you can contact our support team. 

Nicolas Monsel, SkyReal Support Manager 

Mail :  

What is the response time of the support in case of a problem?  

On average, you will get an answer from the support team within 2 days.

What type of HMDs work with SkyReal ? 

HMDs are the most common way to work with VR. Most HMDs should work with SkyReal, but we officially support:

Oculus Rift / Rift S / Quest 2

HTC Vive / Vive Pro / Vive Cosmos

Windows Mixed Reality (HP Reverb)

Valve Index

What file types are supported by SkyReal?  

SkyReal supports most types of CAD file formats including : 

Name Extensions
CATIA V5 – DELMIA .CATPart .CATProduct .CGR .CATProcess .model
CATIA V6 / 3DExperience .3dxml
SIEMENS Product File .jt .plmxml
Creo / Pro Engineer .prt .asm
IFC .ifc
SOLIDWORKS .sldprt .sldasm
STEP .stp .step
STL / Stereo-litography .stl
Inventor .iam .ipt
Parasolid .x_t
AutoCAD .dwg


What is an MSD ?

Musculoskeletal Disorders are injuries or disorders of the muscles, nerves, tendons, joints, cartilage, and spinal discs – according to cdc (centers for disease control and prevention).