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SkyReal in actions

SkyReal VR is a complete solution designed to transform traditional industrial production methods by integrating virtual reality technologies into product design cycles. Collaborating in a virtual environment, training on advanced technologies and design processes, switching from CAD to VR is now possible thanks to the VR capabilities of our SkyReal VR solution.


Discover our VR Features design to improve collaboration in VR

Layer filtering
Tool Library
Pipework Design
Design Back to CAD
Product Tree Visualization
Inverse Kinematics
Multiple Snap points
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Extended experience capabilities


  • Join collaborative SkyReal meeting sessions without VR device. Thanks to View&Collab, user can participate to the session and navigate with keyboard and mouse in the 3D scene.
  • Thanks to PIP (Picture in Picture) feature, it is also possible to see VR user POV (Point of view) in splitted window.


Looking for a solution to share an easy-lo-launch 3D experience with a colleague, a customer or a partner to explain your project ? SkyReal2GO is the solution that will allow our users to generate their own 3D experience to be shared with all their ecosystems.

Select a simulation map, customize SkyReal user interface and generate a SkyReal2GO experience. Your stakeholder will not require a SkyReal licence to execute the exported file, and will be able to play it either in desktop or VR mode.

Remote control

Discover this new framework that enables interactions with SkyReal VR using a generic approach. SkyReal offers a set of API for stronger integration with our customer’s information system. It allows exchanging data and controlling VR experience from another system.

Remote control is very useful to:

  • Execute a command in VR from a mobile device
  • Create interoperability on VR content during VR session
  • Interact with VR user from a custom software.

SkyReal VR applications

SkyReal tackles the full Product development cycle:

Bring Innovation in Product Design cycle and stay efficient

Especially dedicated to engineers, architects, program management and Chief Engineer, SkyReal VR provides a VR work environment that addresses many of the essential requirements and tasks of product design.

Example of Tasks that can be accomplished: 

  • Design review with all stakeholders (customers, manufacturing)
  • Efficient Collaboration between team engineers
  • Architecture trade-off
  • Design changes and configuration management

Move from Manufacturing Engineering classical approach to Digital Factory

Dedicated to Manufacturing Engineers, Jig & Tool Design team and Quality Insurance.


Example of Tasks that can be accomplished: 

  • Process design & validation & vr prototype
  • Jig & tool Design
  • Human factor analysis (MSDs)

Advent of Industry 4.0 thanks to our VR technology 

Dedicated to Operational Training, Support Engineer & Maintenance.


Example of Tasks that can be accomplished:

  • Operator training
  • Troubleshooting support
  • Digital Twin
  • IoT


Speed up by 30%

Speed up by 30%

Efficient design review to validate design concept

A proven ROI

A proven ROI

Train technical teams without limits

Explore more ideas

Explore more ideas

Build right the first time and secure production ramp up

SkyReal VR Technology

Powered by Unreal Engine

SkyReal VR uses the Unreal Engine 5 to load 3D data and VR mode. This cutting edge of technology supports the most modern display techniques available. It allows to display simultaneously millions of geometric data with a realistic rendering (shadow, ssao, tsaa, relfection, etc.) while keeping an important stability on the framerate. SkyReal benefits from most of its innovations, especially those on VR rendering. Indeed, the engine supports natively almost all VR headsets available on the market (and soon all OpenXR compatible headsets) which allows SkyReal to have an optimal functioning and to guarantee the good functioning on each peripheral.

Moreover, Unreal Engine is used by many AAA video game studios (Fortnite, Sea of Thieves, etc.) which allows SkyReal to rely on the innovations of this sector. Among these, we find the support of the multiplayer mode in an extremely powerful way (thousands of objects synchronized in real time with several hundred connected players). This brick integrated in SkyReal allows users to collaborate through their VR experiences in a fluid and natural way without worrying about technical limitations.

Finally, our design of SkyReal allows us to offer our customers an advanced customization experience by editing their experiences directly in the Unreal Editor. As a result, each customer can design a dynamic and personalized experience with BluePrint and with very little computer knowledge. All of the Engine’s features are now available to all SkyReal users, opening up a whole new world of possibilities.

Available on



CADwall / Powerwall

CADwall / Powerwall



  1. Headset

    SkyReal is compatible with most PC-connected virtual reality headsets on the market. These are devices connected to your computer with a complex tracking and display system that allows you to live 1:1 scale experiences in a natural way by placing them on your eyes. Among the best known systems, we find SteamVR compatible headsets (Vive, Cosmos, Index, Varjo, etc.), Oculus headsets (Rift, Rift S, Quest + Link) as well as Windows Mixed Reality HMD (HP Reverb, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, etc.). As SkyReal is constantly evolving, we are committed to using the latest VR frameworks available to enable an optimal experience. That’s why we are committed to supporting new VR standards like OpenXR that will allow our customers to support even more hardware while minimizing software constraints.

  2. Powerwall

    SkyReal is compatible with a subset of CAVEs called Powerwall (or CADWALL) which works on the same principle as a CAVE but with a single “wall”. This device allows users to be able to gather all together around the VR experience by minimizing the effects of isolation.

  3. CAVE

    Finally, SkyReal also supports more complex devices like CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment). This consists of a set of computers and video projectors working in harmony to display a virtual reality experience on several walls simultaneously. The user is then immersed in a room equipped with sensors where he can interact in a natural way. The devices supported by SkyReal are the CAVEs compatible with the NDISPLAY technology. They include side-by-side display technologies as well as Quad-Buffer technologies for the display and VRPN for the tracking part.

A simple VR solution to implement in industries

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Turn your CAD files into a VR Experience in a blink

The SkyReal Suite, a VR framework own designed, is a combination of three tools that turn your CAD files into an immersive experience.

All SkyReal Features

SkyReal has many features which are all detailed in the documentation and here is a non-exhaustive list:

Navigation Walk, Fly Teleport

Set speed

Create views and navigate between views

Show minimap

Manipulation Grab any object

Manipulate with compass handler

Create multiple snap points

Appearance Edit environment

Highlight object

Change color

Set transparency

Show/Hide part

Product data Show part attributes

Resize object

Apply filter from customized rules

Show product tree structure

Create group

Annotation Create 3D annotations

Spawn stickers and emoji

Create VR tickets

Review toolbox Take picture

Make measurement

Add light

Collaborate Create collaborative session and meet other users
Manikin Incarnate virtual manikin

Edit manikin posture

Analyse musculo-skeletal disorders

create report

Physics Show Collision and contact points

Apply gravity

Manipulate part with dynamic contact

Catalogue Create custom tool catalogue

Spawn any object from the catalogue (any time)

Design Create and edit simple shape for space allocation

Design pipework, route and path for systems

Save design and send it back to CAD

Animation Import DELMIA sequence and play animation

Record sequence in VR and replay

Tracking Use additional tracker for full body tracking or Device tracking
Customization Change VR interface/ add specific behavior/ Head Up Display