The benefits of virtual reality

lthough virtual reality technologies are being experimented in several professional sectors and their full integration only exists with a few companies, they have already been sufficiently used and proven to be able to draw teachings from them.


Virtual reality solutions can be transcribed from many uses

In a professional environment, VR technologies let answer different business issues and uses, in which three emerge significantly : design, assembly and training.


New perspectives in the training realm thanks to VR program

VR solutions bring new learning designs that, in the short term can be easily adopted in many professional sectors.


The VR market : use cases and prospects

Virtual reality seems to be heading for a bright future in the years to come and we can hardly perceive the first glimmers.


The contribution of VR solutions during manufacturing stage

In a product or hardware component production process, an assembly or manufacture step is mandatory to get the final product.


VR use in the engineering sector redefines practices

How VR use in the engineering sector can redefine traditionals practices and processes ?


VR collaboration opens huge production possibilities

Virtual reality opened news perspectives in many domains. Time saving, real simulations at lower costs, R&D and production accelerated process, VR are now able to answer many sectoral issues.


Virtual Reality softwares in the industrial sector

Already in many users scopes, VR technologies have increased their presence in the professional world and find numerous industrial applications thanks to VR software units.


Viva la Viva Tech !

For the first time since its creation, SkyReal had the chance to participate in this extraordinary international event that celebrates innovation.