eXcent & SkyReal: VR for accessibility.

eXcent is a designer and integrator of industrial solutions that has been supporting the industrialization projects of the world’s leading manufacturers in the aeronautics, automotive, rail, energy, defense, space and naval sectors since 1990.

The collaboration between SkyReal and eXcent began when SkyReal was founded in 2017, with eXcent counting among its very first customers using VR in particular to improve its performance and the quality of services offered to manufacturers.

Within eXcent, the eXcent XR team is a department dedicated to the production of VR/AR/MR applications, digital twins, videos and photorealistic graphic rendering. It draws on the cross-disciplinary mechanical engineering and IT skills of technical experts to carry out customized industrial projects.

These services range from ergonomic validation of mechanical elements (tooling, special machines, products…) to 3D animated short films and 3D training or marketing 4.0 applications or videos. Its projects are produced using Unreal Engine 5, SkyReal and Keyshot.

What sets eXcent XR apart from other studios is its strong industrial focus, which enables it to fully understand its customers’ needs and challenges. They share a common technical language, and are supported by the eXcent design office with over 30 years’ experience in industrial fields.

eXcent XR uses the SkyReal solution for Virtual Reality immersion for design review, and for CAD data preparation prior to import into Unreal Engine 5.

For a recent project with a major actor in the French railway sector, eXcent XR carried out an accessibility and ergonomics study on specific tooling under development, for which the use of the SkyReal solution proved highly effective. The tooling will require the intervention of several operators in a restricted environment, who will have to perform translation and rotation operations on several parts.

eXcent XR was commissioned to carry out this study on the first version of the tooling at eXcent’s premises in Pujaudran (near Toulouse), after transmission of the 3D models in Catia format. The final result was a live presentation at the customer’s site, where SkyReal’s VR plugin enabled the engineers to use a headset to accurately reproduce the various movements of an operator in a 1:1 scale digital twin of the tooling. Manikins were set to capture pictures. The measurement tool, integrated into the plugin, was also used to validate feasability and accessibility.

This session was an opportunity for the teams to project themselves and immerse themselves in the future use of the specific toolset. At the same time, eXcent and its customer were able to jointly validate a number of elements directly on this project, and were able to make corrections and improvements in order to unrisk it in the best possible way.

The eXcent XR teams were also able to easily work on ergonomics using the RULA-based features offered by the SkyReal manikin.

Ergonomic Flow VR SkyReal

Example of ergonomic study with RULA-based features, on SkyReal 

The resulting VR experience uses and blends existing 3D data from end-customer products and tools, as well as from eXcent’s own tooling.

Finally, at the end of this study, eXcent XR was able to produce a precise report including screenshots showing the manikin in position using the tooling, and its customer could share the conclusions with the various departments concerned.

eXcent XR has been identified as a leading national partner for SkyReal; we share a common culture of Extended Reality enthusiasts, as well as a deep knowledge of Unreal Engine with applications dedicated to engineering.