Discover SkyReal V1.12

Despite the COVID-19 situation, all the team has worked hard to deliver the v1.12 of SkyReal. We are glad to announce its release, and you will find hereafter the note describing the main new functionalities and commands that have been developed over the last three months. Willing to evaluate SkyReal v1.12 – please feel free to get in touch with our commercial team.


Have you ever wanted to forward a easy-lo-launch 3D experience to a colleague, a customer or a partner  to explain your project ?

SkyReal2GO is SkyReal’s latest solution that will allow our clients to generate their own 3D experience to be shared with all their ecosystem.

SkyReal2GO principle

Select a simulation map, customize SkyReal user interface and generate a SkyReal2GO experience. Your stakeholder will not require a SkyReal licence to execute the exported file, and will be able to play it either in desktop or VR mode.

Ask our team to test it !

New Avatar

The new collaborative Avatar has been developed to enhance user’ telepresence feeling during remote collaboration VR sessions. This simple Avatar is not only cute,  he’s also moving his eyes, head and hands to enhance the body language while you are discussing.

Colours and names can be set during session.


New user interface on bracelet

A brand-new interface is now available ! Located on user’s virtual left arm, it will enable you to access to commands without having to open the Pie Menu. . This useful interface will help users to execute:

  • A quick menu with setting on navigation modes and speed
  • Parameters when using a specific feature (like colour orline thickness during 3D annotation)
  • sub commands related to specific features (when you edit the posture of your manikin for example)
SkyReal Bracelet

Cloud of points

Import Cloud of points in your SkyReal simulation to visualize real environment.

Point Cloud Support

Desktop Compass

Now, you can use compass manipulation from the desktop mode to move selected objects.
This complete compass enables:

  • to edit any geometrical translation or rotation
  • to specify position in any reference axis
  • to create contact between objects.
Desktop Compass

Remote Control

Discover this new framework that enables interactions with SkyReal VR using a generic approach.

Remote control is very useful to:

  • Execute a command in VR from a mobile device
  • Create interoperability on VR content during VR session
  • Interact with VR user from a custom software.
SkyReal Remote Control principle

Logo Customization for manikin suite

Add your company logo on your manikin prior to your marketing/sales presentations

Logo Customization

Unreal Editor Plugin

This useful plugin in Unreal Editor helps users to generate a SkyReal simulation from an Unreal Engine project.

Unreal Editor


This plugin contains:

  • Create an empty SkyReal map
  • Cook to a directory (or default cook directory if exists)
  • Show/Hide visible/hidden parts
  • Manage point of views
  • Convert selection to environment/tools
  • Auto register all Unreal animations
  • Flatten/Rebuild hierarchy in World outliner
  • Convert Datasmith assets into SkyReal Parts

Exploded View

Based on product tree structure, it is possible to expand your system by product level.

Product Exploded view


Animation management

Import, create save and replay animations during your VR experience. The new animation panel helps manage animations:

  • Play/Pause/Stop
  • Speed Up/Down
  • Trim animation
  • Reverse
Animation management panel

Valve Index support

SkyReal VR now supports Valve Index headset and Knuckles controllers.
Valve Index

Many other performance improvments and bug fixes