SkyReal V1.13 now available

We are happy to announce the release V1.13. Please find new features and commands that have been developed with love.

MSDs for manikin posture assessment with report generation

MusculoSkeletal Disorders (MSDs) scoring is a key new feature in manikin posture edition as it enables to improve human factors during workplace design. With this new feature, it is possible to create several manikin posture and to evaluate MSD value according to RULA methodology on each upper body bone.
MSD value can be displayed in the manikin in 3D or exported as HTML report.



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CAVE support

SkyReal is now available for CAVE systems.

Contact us for a demo on your CAVE installation.



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Import metadata from PLM and add business attribute to 3D data

It’s now possible to import product metadata from PLM or from an Excel file, in order to add business attributes to any 3D object.

Thanks to this new feature, it is possible to display all object attributes during design review but also to use filter capabilities to show/hide objects according to attributes values for instance.

Create Working Breakdown Structure

Without impacting Product structure, it’s now possible to add any working breakdown structure (WBS) according to business and disciplines organization split. User can easily create a breakdown structure and allocate any product. A given product can be allocated to several folders. From any selection of 3D product user can easily see what are functional or logical items impacted.

New environments available

Use our new environments available (Sea, Cloud, Nature, Space,  to drop your product on operative fields). For each environment, custom parameter helps to reach best environment set.

Collaboration session enhanced with voice (VOIP)

Collaboration capabilities are now extended in SkyReal VR with Voice controls. With its new control panels, it is possible to:

  • Define user’s rights (administration or user)
  • Mute yourself or any collaborators
  • Select Mic and speaker device

New SkyReal user interface with project library

Complete new modern User Interface when starting SkyReal VR application with a project library. Thanks to this library, it is possible to find easily your last projects and also images and properties.

3D Ticket

During collaborative design review, users can create 3D Ticket to identify issues. This issue are defined with a type, a text and a position and will be available after the review to follow with an associated action plan.

Once the request change had been done with an updated 3D design model, tickets can be updated and close during next reviews.

New Bracelet user interface for contextual menu

This new user interface attached to left arm helps to quickly access to shortcuts and contextual features and parameters. According to feature selected in the pipe, contextual commands are available in the bracelet to easily.

Data preparation performance improvements

Major improvements have been done to get faster preparation time for CAD model conversion to VR (SkyPrep).

Many other performance improvements and bug fixes.
Want to evaluate SkyReal v1.13? Please feel free to get in touch with our
commercial team.