Akila and SkyReal open immersive VR-based engineering & simulation across building lifecycle

Akila, a real-estate data and management platform which uses digital twin and AI technologies to empower data-driven decision making and ESG for large multinational portfolios, has initiated a strategic partnership with SkyReal. Integrating SkyReal’s VR solution into the Akila platform, will allow its clients to interact in real-time in a fully simulated 3D space with a vastly expanded scope for collaboration in facility design, operation and training. The partnership will inspire a new level of connectivity in the metaverse, cutting down on organizational overheads, reducing the need for costly prototyping and optimizing the facility design and operation process.

Akila and SkyReal’s partnership will allow for better information sharing between stakeholders at all levels especially in greenfield projects – from the design stage all the way through to the building phase, maintenance and the entire lifecycle of the site. By integrating previously siloed information and allowing immersive simulations and modelling, Akila and SkyReal aim to democratize Industry 4.0 and realize advanced connectivity and interoperability.
Making powerful VR tools accessible to stakeholders who might traditionally have less input (for example, end users) will ensure that projects take everyone into account, reduce costly errors and improve overall utility. From designers to contractors, corporate leadership and end users, all parties will be empowered to engage meaningfully in the development and optimization of their built assets. At present, Akila is already deploying SkyReal’s VR technology in the Akila Lab and NXpark projects.

The cooperation will advance three core functions: 

Product Development: A collaborative design review solution that streamlines the design process. Offers tools that allows parties to design in VR and save back any modifications to back to CAD, navigate multiple assets and sites, manage data and issue reports and tickets. This reduces conception time, speeds up end-customer decision making and helps anticipate errors and other costly mistakes. 

Digital Building: Allows users to simulate spaces in use, validating accessibility and ergonomic factors. A wealth of highly precise functionalities including animation importation, turn-key ergonomic tools, the insertion of objects and collision and gravity management. This can anticipate costly production issues, improve operator comfort at work and reduce production time. 

Facility Training: Training without physical prototypes. Allows for the training of operators in a low-cost, immersive environment to reduce risk and heighten skills in crucial actions. This enables training to progress at four times the rate of traditional methods and operators report being three times more confident after training. 

Akila Chief Innovation Officer and Co-founder Philippe Obry stated: “Partnering with SkyReal is a very exciting development for us. When integrated into the Akila platform, this immersive technology has the potential to radically re-shape the construction and building sectors. As the construction industry adapts to a more data-driven and collaborative model, the advances made by this partnership will be vital. Moving forward, we hope to be able to integrate SkyReal’s advanced VR and AI tools into more projects and roll-out access across the many sites we currently cover with the Akila platform.”