Use cases

Discover the different ways the SkyReal solutions can help you cope with complexity and focus on what you’re the best at: innovating.

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Fail fast and save money

Thanks to SkyReal VR, AKP saves a lot of time by detecting issues during project early stage.
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Product and process design review

For Ariane 6 program, SkyReal VR is used to perform regular product review in various configuration and lifephase.
Made with — SkyPrep

VR experiences dedicated for products

eXcent is using SkyPrep to convert CAD models in UE assets and build dedicated VR experience.
Made with — Gaia

An optimised Product Architecture & Integration

Thanks to GAIA, AIRBUS develops new approach for Architects to analyse functional mapping on the product over various disciplines and boost trade-offs.
Made with — Gaia

Margin visualization in engineering design cycle

Within AMC project (Agilité et Marges de Conception) IRT SystemX and Airbus develop a new approach to deal with uncertainties in parametric cascade.