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SkyReal & eXcent : VR for accessibility.


New AIT and ATLO tools

Spark Orbital is partnering with SkyReal to build a competitive offer in NewSpace.  A virtual reality solution for preparation and validation of the integration operations (AIT and ATLO) of SmallSats. 

Pipe routing process 2 times faster

ArianeGroup is using SkyReal for pipework design with Back to CAD in CATIA.

Efficient training materials for operators

Create VR training courses with SkyReal to teach technical instructions.

Pipework design with design changes management

Use pipework module in SkyReal to change routing path design in VR.

Maintenability validation for helicopters

SkyReal is useful during design phases to validate maintenability and to identify critical issues.

Secure production ramp-up with early digital process validation

Thanks to SkyReal, it’s now easy to anticipate a production work planning with all teams before first hardware is delivered.
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Assembly process definition for manufacturing engineering

SkyReal is used to define best assembly process, step by step with the associated tooling.