SkyReal, setting the new VR standards for industry 4.0 with the release of Unreal Engine 5.

Reach the next level with the release of UE5 in SkyReal that pushes the limits of virtual reality experience for engineers.

Skyreal is constantly innovating to make the user experience more immersive.

The best is yet to come, SkyReal is currently integrating UE5 to its software with the new features including : Lumen, Nanite, MetaHuman and Chaos. It enhance the performances with a better frame rate, more details, and impressive light and shadow effects.

The video above shows one of the many possible use cases of UE5 in SkyReal.

SkyReal permits to observe in collaboration what is the field of vision of an engineer and consequently what will be accessible for him, more or less easily. This is allowed thanks to the new SkyReal’s manikin.

Finally, SkyReal integrates the evaluation of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) based on the RULA method. It allows to obtain an ergonomic evaluation by studying how much the posture of an engineer can affect his health on the long term.