SkyReal’s new release : V1.15

Release Note 1.15

Here are the major new features and commands that are available with this latest release : 


UE5 Integration with Lumen and Nanite

The latest Unreal Engine release offers higher display performances with Nanite.

As it’s still experimental, Nanite option has to be activated during Preparation.


New manikin 

The new SkyReal manikin is a major evolution with many improvements and new features:

  • New look based on Metahuman. You’re free to create your own avatar using free metahuman editor.
  • New body rig and realistic joints limitation generating high fidelity posture
  • MSD computation and display based on RULA standard, support custom standards for ergonomic analysis
  • Incarnate manikin at first person to easily set a posture by mimik
  • Duplicate manikin
  • Show field of vision of the manikin (visibility cone)
  • Several body sizes are available
  • Precise controls for effectors (hands): Snap to Actors, Locked, …
  • Grabbing and Finger controls

Learn more about the new manikin on SkyReal’s documentation website.

We are impressed by Metahuman and we are sure that there is so much more to come on our next release 🙂


OpenXR support

We are now supporting OpenXR standard that enables compatibility with all MR/VR devices.


Point Cloud settings and dedicated toolbar

New controls are available to manage cloud points display performance. Through incremental budget approach and budget target, it is possible to optimize visual quality and FPS performance for each cloud of points.


Preparation improvement with volume computation during preparation

During CAD preparation, metadata are integrated, and part’s volume are computed.


Product Tree in a 3D Window for VR

A new command is available in VR to spawn a product structure window.
It behaves as the desktop Product Structure : 

  • Cross selection with 3D objects
  • Focus on Tree
  • Isolate and Navigate to commands from a selected part.

The window size can be edited as custom parameter.


New environments with parametric system

New environments are available: (Train station, Train yard, Tiny warehouse rework, Docks)

Environnement management is more robust with a parametric layers approach.


On top of that, in environnements with sea, when introducing your boats, ships or any system, it will remove water texture inside it (even underwater!).


Installer packages

Installer packages are now available for each product.


And many minor fixes such as : 

  • HMD config hot reload
  • Contrast of screenshot in VR
  • Animation in collaboration mode
  • Conflict with animations 
  • Ticket fit on view 
  • Compass laser interaction 
  • VOIP server more robust
  • Auto exposure and ssao 
  • Valve index input supported
  • Robot collab body rotation