SkyReal’s new release: V1.16

Unreal Engine 5.1

This new SkyReal release is based on Unreal Engine 5.1 version and you will need to update it if it’s not already done.

This UE update offers many fixes for a better experience especially in VR.

SkyReal customization capabilities

Update 1.16 allows Skyreal VR users to develop their own business extensions to customize their experience thanks to its new API.
In order to offer an ever more accurate VR experience, it is now possible to integrate into SkyReal any type of specific development corresponding to your business needs.
For this, SkyReal offers new API allowing users to create customized versions of SkyReal, like Mods on video games, and to load them at runtime at will.

Here are some examples of customization from our customers:

  • Product configuration tool for Sale activity
  • Custom toolbar for limited and simplest user interface
  • Dedicated workflow for ticket (pin), BacktoCAD or non quality management.

These extensions are intended to offer a new layer of depth for SkyReal, making it more flexible and more suited to the constraints and personal specificities of our customers.

Display performance optimization 

This release offers significant display performance optimization capabilities based on Nanite, the Unreal Engine 5 feature, as well as a TSR implementation in SkyReal (Temporal Super Resolution)
We explained last year why Nanite is a UE killer feature in an article about virtualized geometry so let’s move to Temporal Super Resolution, new feature of SkyReal :
TSR is a key feature allowing user to keep high quality framerate while automatically adjusting visual quality of resolution.
It is an upsampling system built into Unreal Engine 5. Upsampling method have been used across many mediums, including photography, audio, graphic and now, software development.
Screen Percentage is a resolution scaling technique used to render a lower or higher resolution image than what is actually being presented. Being able to adjust the screen percentage enables SkyReal to maintain a balance between performance and image resolution quality.

  • Adding a toolbar to modulate resolution (integrated in a dedicated tool in Skyreal)
  • Screen render from 20% to 100%
  • TSR Support is now available in addition of others key features to modulate framerate : Antialiasing, SSAO, Lumen Activation, Performance mode.

Enhanced ergonomics

In order to work on the human factor and to continue the integration of tools for ergonomists in the SkyReal solution, we have developed a new functionality of ergonomic analysis based on a sequence.
This functionality allows to examine an operating sequence step by step, by navigating easily from one station to another. It allows, for example, to go through an entire disassembly or assembly sequence and thus to enter into a higher level of precision.
It let ergonomists visualize and analyze the gestures and movements of operators in detail. This detailed analysis contributes to the identification of potential risks for the health and safety of workers, and to suggest ergonomic improvements to minimize these risks.
With this feature, ergonomists can easily move from one position to another on a workstation and examine different operations for improvements, zooming in on specific operator movements and evaluating them according to ergonomic criteria such as posture, applied force, repetitiveness of movements, etc. This feature also helps to compare workstations to each other and to detect ergonomic differences.

Concerning XR Center platform

Several new feature are also available for our XR Center solution, such as:

  • Collaboration agents are now available to deploy collaboration sessions over XR Center infrastructure. This multi-agent architecture allows several private collaborative sessions managing automatically routing protocol.
  • Support of PLMXML format for CAD import
  • Support of new authentication standards (SAML v2)

High number of minor fixes for a stronger stability