What do Fortnite and Ariane 6 have in common ?

The answer is not the release of a new game from Epic Games about space conquest, but the 3D Unreal Engine developed in 1998 by Tim Sweeney, founder of Epic Games.

From Unreal Engine to Fortnite Battle Royale

Unreal Engine 5 has become a must-have 3D design engine. Popular among many video game creation studios, its success has led to the development of Fortnite Battle Royale. This video game born in 2017, integrates many features including a multiplayer mode that can accommodate up to 100 players on a session.

Breaking all records with Fortnite (125 million players in one year), Epic Games did not stop there. Unreal Engine is quickly becoming a major competitor in the video game engine market. Accessible to both professional and amateur programmers, its application extends to business and industry. Constantly evolving, its ability to develop ever more realistic 3D environments is providing more impressive results.

From video games to industries

In the industrial sector, engineers have been using 3D software and CAD for a long time; now they have to extend this with the use of VR.
This digital transformation requires the integration of innovative solutions, and in the field of 3D this necessarily involves Unreal Engine, which is pulling the entire market upwards.

With the commercial success of Fortnite, Epic Games has established itself as a major player in the video game industry and now aims to penetrate the industrial sector with its 3D engine Unreal Engine.

The power of the Unreal Engine allows the user to obtain a fluid, aesthetic and very realistic graphic rendering. In addition, users can customize their Virtual Reality project by adding textures, materials and even generating Virtual Reality animations from Unreal Engine.

Many industries could take advantage of the power of this 3D engine to design, produce, sell and train. It is easy to imagine that architects can now make real estate visits more real than life. It is also possible to use Unreal Engine for training purposes, for example for the armed forces with simulations of military operational terrains.

Unreal Engine opens up possibilities for designing a modifiable and scalable work area, organizing meetings and validating projects in real time. It can also be a tool for creating high-definition industrial prototyping models.

Epic Games has a real spirit of innovation with the desire to always bid on and break new technological barriers to offer an even more realistic and powerful engine. By keeping the code in OpenSource, Epic allows companies to integrate Unreal Engine into sustainable IT solutions. By giving industry players access to its engine, Epic Games is putting the technologies developed to revolutionize the world of video games at the service of Industry 4.0 innovations.

What about SkyReal in all this?

Since its inception in 2018, SkyReal has made the choice of Unreal Engine and not Unity as its competitors do. This choice is based on the fact that the dynamism of Unreal Engine, boosted by the global success of Fortnite, allows SkyReal to continue to innovate and obtain exceptional results that open the doors of the industrial sector, far from the video game sector.

For SkyReal, Virtual Reality must be democratized within the industry, in order to make it a tool used by all, in a transversal way and whose use would not be limited to experts.`

Innovation is at the heart of SkyReal’s philosophy. Thanks to Unreal Engine, our team was able to create and deploy a very powerful interactive and immersive application. A foundation that has allowed us to improve the collaboration and manufacturing processes of major players in the aerospace industry. A sure way in terms of productivity, design and training,” says Hugo Falgarone, founder of SkyReal.

ArianeGroup has been using SkyReal for several years now on the Ariane 6 program: design reviews are made in the Virtual Reality of SkyReal and the software allows to immerse together collaborators who connect from Guyana, France and Germany. Moreover SkyReal proves to be a tool for the decision makers who immerse themselves in the virtual reality of the company.