Maintenability validation for helicopters

SkyReal is useful during design phases to validate maintenability and to identify critical issues

Secure production ramp-up with early digital process validation

Thanks to SkyReal, it’s now easy to anticipate a production work planning with all teams before first hardware is delivered.
#Aerospace #Industrial Equipment

Assembly process definition for manufacturing engineering

SkyReal is used to define best assembly process, step by step with the associated tooling

VR experiences dedicated for products showcase

eXcent is using SkyPrep to convert CAD models in UE assets and build dedicated VR experience.

An optimised Product Architecture & Integration

Thanks to GAIA, AIRBUS develops new approach for Architects to analyse functional mapping on the product over various disciplines and boost trade-offs.

Margin visualization in engineering design cycle

Within AMC project (Agilité et Marges de Conception) IRT SystemX and Airbus develop a new approach to deal with uncertainties in parametric cascade.